Why Lease With Us?

By leasing with us, you reduce your risk of ownership and ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest technology. Leasing lets you replace or upgrade equipment to keep your business competitive.


Read this article from GE Money about the benefits of leasing for Small Medium Enterprise.


Advantages of Leasing


In the normal leasing situation you will not own the equipment.
We are able to allow purchase of the equipment at lower price at the end of the lease.

Upgrade Easily

Upgrade easily when your leasing period expires
You can choose to continue a lease for another period or to upgrade the equipment with another lease period.

Finding Funds

The cost of replacing old coders is a challenge when capital investment budgets are low.
Lease arrangements are usually more liberal than loans. While a bank might require 2-3 years of business records before granting a loan.

Cash Flow

Improve your cash flow significantly when you lease with us
Eliminates a large, single expense that may drain your cash flow, freeing funds for other day-to-day needs.


Reduce your tax expenses when you lease
Expense your equipment costs, meaning that your lease payments can be deducted as business expenses.

Technology Needs

Get your production running with the latest equipment
Try out new equipment configurations, and update your system regularly to stay on top the technology curve.