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Automator was founded in 1948 by Maurizio Barcilon. Automator has since dedicated over 65 years to the industrial marking market.

The idea of the founder was that everyone, sooner or later, should have understood the importance of marking and so will become customers of Automator! This is because not only mark is often a legal requirement but, perhaps even more often, it is a valuable gesture to identify, qualify, track, and promote a product.

In 1979, Jacky Barcilon the founder’s son told over the legacy. He reaffirms the company’s mission to design, produce and to sell machines and systems for marking, engraving, stamping, identify, codify, trace and decorate any kind of product of any kind of surface.

Marking has become a strategic marketing action that enhances the product and / or shares the image and the name of the company: think about product’s decorations or marking – permanently – the company logo on the products…using the marking as a tool to increase the value of the product.

Dot Peen Marking

Impact System

Laser Marking


Rolling Technology

Impact Presses

Hot Presses

Want to simplify your next marking solution?
Coupled with any of our wide variety of marking heads, the Automator dot peen marking technology reached the ultimate in capabilities and intuitive simplicity with revolutionary AC500 Universal controller. Linux based, proprietary Automator software package includes all the features we have used over the last 20 years. Using the touch screen interface, you can set up any marking pattern with serial number, date codes, shift codes, 2D codes and over 300 features. It comes standard with TCPIP, Serial communication and discrete I/O. We also offer enhanced communications protocols: implicit EtherNet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol), ProfiNet and several others.

With 5 different dot peen marking heads in three marking modes Automator dot peen covers all marking needs on any material and surface You want to mark

  • benchtop marking systems
  • integration of marking systems
  • handheld marking systems
The most cost effective marking systems
Automator began in 1948 with the development of our Impact Presses and later the roll markers. Even though these products seem simplistic today, they met a manufacturing need and have stood the test of time selling well in to the next century.
Impact machines were designed for indenting text and numbers but are also extremely suitable for marking, riveting and inserting a wide variety of materials.

A leader in the industry since 1948, our impact presses continue to perform and a cost effective solution.

  • manual machines
  • pneumatic machines
  • pneumatic units
High quality technology, for direct part marking, fast and noiseless, the AUTOMATOR ASM heavy duty scribe (scratch) marker represents the easiest to use industrial scribe marker available today.

Designed for deep, fast marking of VIN and serial numbers the ASM produces continuos, fully formed scribe marks with minimal sound. This cost effective systems, designed for longevity and durability in industrial environments

Through a carbide or diamond tipped stylus – dragged along the surface – the scribe system is capable of generating a very nice looking marking, with high quality continuous line and very low noise level, on different surfaces and materials, from plastics to the hardest steel.